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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Top credit card in airlines


-Northwest Visa
Popular Visa choice, offered through U.S. Bank. They offer both "Platinum" and "Business" versions; the latter provides more detailed expense tracking services. You'll get 10,000 miles for signing up if you've never before carried the card. Annual fee is $55 Platinum and $90 for Business. Unlike many cards, this one allows you to earn miles beyond $10,000 USD/month. Past that limit, you get a mile for every $2/month spent. Northwest offers lots of options in Asia and Europe through its travel partners in those parts of the world.

-Delta American Express Skymiles
Delta's extensive network of cities and partners around the world makes anything they offer worth a look
American Express is welcomed in many fine outlets worldwide, but some budget travelers complain it skews upscale--and therefore is not as useful in their daily lives as a Visa card. Annual fee is $85, and their interest rates are calculated on a very complex formula that makes it hard to comparison shop. Not available in Iowa or Puerto Rico.

-American Airlines Citibank MasterCard
This choice combines the resources of a banking empire and one of the North America's largest airlines. One of the few MasterCard choices available (Continental is the other). This one comes at two levels: "Platinum Select" and "Gold." You'll earn 7500 bonus miles for opening a new Platinum Select account, and 10,000 for the Gold account.

-British Airways Visa Card
British Airways offers travel options around the world that few others can match. They win the bonus miles game, awarding a whopping 15,000 miles the first time this card is used. Bank One is the issuing company. After a single-digit, five-month introductory APR, they'll charge you 12.99% APR for any unpaid balances. Annual fee: $75 USD.