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Saturday, September 03, 2005

About Manhattan Beach


About Manhattan Beach: 
Manhattan Beach may well be the prototype for the quintessential Los Angeles Beach. A Beach Boys' hangout in their early days and the birthplace of beach volleyball, this west-facing urban beach attracts a broad mix of visitors.
Manhattan Beach Fees: 
Entrance Fee: NoneParking Fee: Street parking here is scarce. Bring quarters to feed the streetside parking meters
Creature Comforts at Manhattan Beach: 
  1. Restrooms

  2. Showers

  3. Restaurants nearby in town

  4. No alcohol on the beach

  5. No pets allowed on the beach, but they can walk on the beachside sidewalk
Manhattan Beach Activities: 
  1. Bike path

  2. Walking path

  3. Surfing

  4. Swimming, lifeguard on duty during daylight hours

  5. Volleyball

  6. Fishing from the pier

  7. Aquarium on the pier
  1. Finding parking here can be difficult at best, and you'll have to pay attention to your watch to be sure your meter doesn't expire

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